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In order to successfully complete your installation project, we need an adequate approach of our staff based on the proven processes. Our employees perform all electrotechnical tasks related to installation and maintenance in commercial, public, industrial and private buildings:

›  Industrial halls
›  High storage warehouses
›  Athletic buildings
›  Shopping and service centers
›  Hospitals and clinics
›  Railway and bus stations
›  Administration and office buildings
›  Hotels
›  Banks
›  Housing buildings
›  Old Age and Elderly Care Homes / Nursing homes


1. Electrical installations

As far as electrical installations are concerned, our staff carries out all electrotechnical works as well as any maintenance work. Through many years of experience, our highly engaged and motivated employees gained the necessary expert knowledge. Regardless of whether it is a large project or maintenance work, we cover a whole range of electrical works:

–  Design
–  Electrical installations launching
–  Modernization and replacement of electrical installations
–  Installation evaluation and adjustment to the regulations in force
–  Diagnostics and repair of electrical installations
–  Power connections and transformer stations
–  Installation of cable routes, equipment and fittings, lighting and socket installations, electrical switches and counters
–  Thunderbolt protection installation
–  Emergency power supply
–  Earthing and thunderbolt installations

2. Electric service

In order to keep the high efficiency of the electric installation, the regular maintenance and functional checks are required. This serves to maintain values, as well as for operational and personal safety. Our staff carries out maintenance and functional checks for long-term contracts; they are also characterized by flexibility and discretion.

We would be happy to advise you on the service cooperation.

3. Electric controls

Due to our expert knowledge based on practise, we regularly carry out technical expertise. Maintaining the electrical system can in fact prevent property damage or human and animal life.

Our electrical control services:

–  periodic inspection
–  reception inspection
–  thunderbolt installation inspection
–  thermography screening of switchgear
–  electrical network analysis

Equipment test in accordance with the EU standards
Construction sites in the EU are permitted to use only machinery, equipment and extension cables that bear the control badges that are subject to annual renewal. In the case of electrical equipment, any sources of failure due to wear should be avoided. For this reason, the periodic inspections are scheduled.
Switchgear and controls checking
In accordance with the regulations, any switchgear and control devices should be checked anytime the changes are made to them. Some of our staff possess the necessary competence to issue the declaration of conformity, which is also visible as a certificate on the manufacturer's nameplate on any switchgear and control panel.
4. Thunderbolt protection

We expertly install thunderbolt protection systems (both internal and external lightning protection) in accordance with the present state of the art. We design new thunderbolt installations and check existing ones. The protection measures in matters relating to thunderbolt protection are generally defined already before any construction begins, since the ground earthing is integrated with the reinforcing bar of the flooring. Subsequent protective measures are relatively cumbersome and provide a limited degree of protection.

Learn more about our indoor and outdoor thunderbolt protection:

–  Outdoor thunderbolt protection (Faraday cage)
–  Indoor thunderbolt protection (by compensatory connection and over-voltage protection, which redirects the lightning strike through the grounding system to earth)

5. Lighting technology

Our lighting experts accompany you from the very first idea to installation of your individual lighting system.

We deal with the following services:

–  LED lightning
–  Indoor/outdoor lightning
–  Decorative lighting
–  Advertising lighting
–  Shop window lightning
–  Museum lightning
–  Lighting of exhibition stands
–  Shop lightning
–  Lighting for safety
–  Staircase lighting
–  Facade lighting
–  Public lighting
–  Daylight dependent light
–  Modernization of existing lighting
–  Innovative lighting solutions

6. Photovoltaic systems

Our photovoltaic installations can be located on the roof, or even in the roof of the building. A cost-effective option is the roof installation. Along with our monitoring system you can watch the system from anywhere, which allows for comfortable using.

We are pleased to advise you on the best modules for your individual requirements for price, efficiency and design.

7. Automatic engineering

In order to be able to work efficiently in industry or in the business activities, it is important to have the perfect control, quality of the workmanship and safety. Therefore, the requirement for electrical installations is indeed high. Our staff will perform installations on EIB/KNX and CRESTRON systems.

–  System integration
–  Programming
–  Modernization
–  Launching
–  Service and maintenance
–  Control systems
–  Process control and building management technology
–  Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
–  Simatic S5 / S7, Wago, Schneider Electric, Siemens and more
–  Control systems / visualization / HMI

8. Alarm systems

Alarm Control Center (ACC), Alert, specially developed systems according to the customer requirements.

We design and perform it.

9. Communication

Our IT specialists possess extensive knowledge of data connections, computer network topology. We are familiar with the structured and fibre optic cabling technology, as well as the perfect fit of all active and passive components.

–  Design and performance of the network installations
–  Delivering, installation, launching
–  Integration
–  Network analysis
–  Measurements

10. Monitoring systems

In order to assure the most possible deterrent monitoring system, cameras and other video security systems ought to be installed in a visible place. To record video only when there is a risk of burglary, the camera can be equipped with a motion detector and, thanks to the LEDs in the infrared range, the camera perfectly monitors the surroundings even in the dark.

We will be pleased to present you different possibilities.

11. Fire detection and fire alarm systems

Our employees are well aware of carrying out the safety systems of the detection systems as well as signalizing systems. We install systems for industry, companies, shops, hotels, hospitals, passenger transport, etc.

We work on the following systems:
Siemens, Schrack, Bosch, Esser.

Customer satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to achieve customer satisfaction - which is also your concern beeing our customer. To achieve this goal, we rely on a clear strategy:
INITEC CRM 1. Leadership:
     consistent and correct human resource management
2. Strategy:
     responsible operation strategy
3. Processes:
     demand-oriented process management
4. Satisfaction:
     promotion of employee satisfaction
5. Quality:
     maintenance high-quality work results

Further guarantors for success:
–  clearly defined employee competences
–  independent staff members
–  efficient processes
–  fair employment relationship
–  ongoing exchange with our employees
–  operational enhancements

Result of satisfied customers
Essentially, satisfied customers and cooperation partners are willing to pay a adequate remuneration for our services. This will also help to build long-term partnerships and to achieve customer loyalty.

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